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Set SMS auto-responder for after hours Douglas Furiato (16 Nov 2015 09:40 EST)
RE: [askref] Set SMS auto-responder for after hours Kelli Herm (20 Nov 2015 09:04 EST)
Re: [askref] Set SMS auto-responder for after hours Doug Furiato (20 Nov 2015 10:39 EST)

RE: [askref] Set SMS auto-responder for after hours Kelli Herm 20 Nov 2015 09:04 EST

Hi Doug,

The directions were actually a little different than what I saw. I was not able to click on the SMS tab right after I found my library,  but had to click on edit queue under actions to get to the tabs (this step was missing).

I wanted to leave a message that will be sent at all times instead of just when we are unavailable so I used the section at the bottom that said Autoresponder text and crafted my own message. Is that correct? I am hoping it will be sent to the patron every time they receive a text so they know that they will receive a response within 24 hours. Most patrons expect an immediate response when they send a text message but we are not able to monitor it all day.


Kelli Herm

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Learn how to set up LibAnswers SMS auto-responder to send texting patrons a message after hours to let them know their text will not be answered immediately.

Douglas Furiato
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