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Questions about screensharing in online reference Justin M. White 03 Mar 2017 11:09 EST

Hi all,

Our university offers a lot of distance courses, so the library has to be able to provide online reference services similar to those we provide in person. For most cases, LibAnswers/Chat is great, but for technical issues and other troubleshooting that wouldn't go to our IT department, we sometimes need screensharing software. Currently we use GoToMeeting and have to send a link through LibChat (or usually email because it takes a while to get everything booted up for the meeting).

If your library is utilizing screensharing software in your digital reference services, how do you do it (what programs)? Do you send links within LibChat or is your screensharing part of a different workflow?

Also, whether you're using screensharing or not, would you like to see screensharing as an option in LibChat? Either as an integration of outside software or internally options (so linking Skype, GoToMeeting, WebEx accounts; or should it be native to LibChat)? Would you want a system that worked similar to those on troubleshooting websites where the chat operator asks your permission to view your screen?

Thanks for your time,

Justin M. White, MA, MLIS
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